Author: D.L. Thomas

ISBN: 9781493758166
Pages: 240
Description: Quinn Lewis is a man known throughout the world as a master problem solver. A private contractor who embodies a cross between MacGyver and Indiana Jones, Lewis makes his living by solving the “impossible” for governments and corporations around the world. Also an adventure racer and outdoor enthusiast, Lewis’s mental prowess is matched only by his physical abilities. BACKLASH finds Lewis leading a team of experts on a hunt for treasure in Idaho’s Hells Canyon. The team will have to scuba dive through flooded cave passages and scale sheer rock walls to solve a 200-year old riddle. Lewis must utilize unconventional tools and reckless methods to overcome booby-traps, cave-ins, and a team of mercenaries sent to reach the treasure first. Will they find the treasure? Will Lewis’s brain and brawn be enough to overcome the challenges? What crazy, innovative scheme will he come up with next? Buckle up-it’s bound to be a wild ride…
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