The Forgotten Ones

Author: Steena Holmes

Pages: 345
Description: “There is never enough time. Never”

The Forgotten Ones is a compelling and heart-breaking novel that will suck your heart up into a million little pieces.

Oh my goodness Steena Holmes thanks to you I was glued to this on my couch all day on Sunday in my pajamas. Warning everyone… once you pick this up… forget all the plans you have for the day!!

Steena Holmes explores a novel about love, loss, and the heart-ache that mental illness can endure on a family.

Elle is a nurse who works at a hospital with her best friend Brennely. Bren has told many stories to Elle about her patient David, who is cranky old man that is dying of cancer. Bren has been consistently helping David with writing letters to his daughter and granddaughter. One day, Bren figures out that her patient is actually her best friend Elle’s grandfather.

Elle has never met this grandfather and was always told by her mother Marie that her grandparents were both dead. Elle of course is mystified and wants to meet her grandfather. Elle starts to go see David on a regular basis and he starts telling her stories of her past about her mother Marie. Marie is not happy at all about Elle seeing her grandfather and repeatedly tells Elle that the stories are all lies.

Is David telling the truth about these stories? Elle is heart-broken and just wants to find out about her history….

Can, I just tell you this story was beautiful! Oh my gosh… this story is haunting and full of unexpected turns and surprises that will break your heart.

I absolutely fell in love with the characters and could not stop turning these pages. Highly recommend!!

4.5 stars for this one <3.

“Love isn’t always pretty or clear cut. It can’t be wrapped in a nice little box and presented with a bow. Sometimes it’s ugly and hurtful and does more damage than good.”

Loved this quote… so powerful and so unbelievably true!

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for the arc.
Publication date: 4/1/18
Published to GR: 3/26/18
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