Title: Lady Windermere’s Fan

Author: Oscar Wilde

ISBN: 9780140623994
Pages: 70
Description: Reading an Oscar Wilde play is sort of like life being perfect. The structure of the work is faultless, the dialogue is uber-clever and fantastic. What’s wrong with Wilde? Nothing. He’s perfect. I can’t imagine any writer who wrote so beautifully in his native language. There are some people who are born with ‘it’ and Wilde is one of them. Of course for someone so perfect he would have to get involved in some nasty social business via his decade. But when you look back at Wilde, one realizes that he is someone from the 19th Century who is saying goodbye to the Victorian era and culture. It’s like he couldn’t wait to jump into the 20th Century. Which makes it sad that we didn’t accept Wilde with our open arms. We killed the thing that was so beautiful and right.

Wilde was born in 1854 and died in 1900. I was born in 1954 and was convinced I would be dead by the year 2000 – just because of Wilde. It’s silly and egotistic on my part, yet it also shows how much I love Wilde.
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