Author: Constance Briscoe

ISBN: 9780340895993
Pages: 400
Description: I read some of the reviews of this book and found out how some people are criticizing about the ‘writing’, ‘grammar’ or ‘repetitiveness.

This book is an account of a child’s memories of how she was abused, humiliated and rejected. This is a powerful book. The very beauty of biographies is that they are somebody’s own version of what happened to them and how they lived it or fought it. There’s no third person commenting on it or describing it from an emotionally detached point of view. This is written by the same person, and she had to go through all those painful memories again to put the book together.

At some points in the story, i found her account to be very flat, unemotional and blank. But those were the moments that affected me the most. How she must have felt about writing her history of bed-wetting in her present position as a judge? How much courage it would have taken? What a strong and powerful lady.

So, the grammar is wrong and sentences are not composed right. So what? You don’t like the cover of the book? So what? You think its too repetitive? May be. But may be its because this book acted as a therapy, as a catharsis for her.

I really like this book for it shows how strong an abused child can be. The power to fight back, the courage to dream and make it happen, hard work, resilience, and above all, an aim to survive, to exist, to live – is all so very beautifully and powerfully portrayed in this book.
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