300-101 dumps internal and 300-115 pdf external users to provide the corresponding services

We are the only one site can offer demo for 300-101 dumps almost all products. Cisco Certification 300-320 questions Exams And Successful 300-101 dumps CaseThree-dimensional defense of subnet segment: the head 300-101 dumps office data center deploys double redundant PIX535 fire wall, divides the head office network into multiple isolation network 300-320 questions segments: internal functional network, external network, INTERNET, etc.The isolation of firewall prevents security problems such as cross-network attack and internetwork interference. Meanwhile, the scope of virus infection can also be effectively controlled, which greatly improves the security of each network segment.The core switch of the business network USES two Catalyst6500 high-performance switches with IDS module to enhance security monitoring of the business network through IDS module.OA network is a 300-115 pdf key part of security and a major part of internal security risks. Therefore, OA network USES two Catalyst6500 high-performance switches with IDS and Firewall modules.The Firewall module enables security isolation between virtual lans, which is important for large OA networks.Guangdong development bank network system, including the head office data center and branch network, all need with the Internet, online banking, a shekel 300-101 dumps of silver coupon, and pedestrian liquidation, and other public information network interconnection, because these public information network is a 300-320 questions completely open to the public information resources, so the network interface as the most vulnerable to hacking and 300-115 pdf require special safety control, provide reliable security.Therefore, 300-320 questions Cisco has adopted the current advanced Cisco PIX firewall products and advanced and reliable firewall technology to provide reliable security protection for the entire network system.PIX of NAT (Network Address Translation) function for guangdong development bank Intranet Address Translation of each workstation provide dynamic or static gain legal external Address, 300-115 pdf 300-115 pdf such as well as to hide the internal Network, and can save the Address resource.In order to improve network reliability and 300-101 dumps eliminate single point of failure, cisco took measures to connect two PIX firewalls with a Failover cable to perform a two-machine thermal backup.Firewall as the only export bank internal network, with the Internet and other public information network interconnection security control, at the same time for each workstation to access external information network within the network address 300-320 questions translation (NAT) function.The switch USES MAC address filtering for security control, allowing only specific hosts to enter the PIX.The router is connected through multiple wan ports and provides certain security control to prevent illegal access 300-320 questions and operation.In order to strengthen the control and management of the whole network, deployment of the ACS and Cisco for guangdong development bank access control server and security Policy Manager (Cisco Secure Policy Manager), using CSPM powerful strategy management infrastructure, users can bank on the network security products for scalable, unified management.

Hierarchical integrated defense: cisco SAFE that successful security solution should adopt integrated protection on the network infrastructure, and not only consider some 300-115 pdf special safety equipment.As a result, cisco has integrated security capabilities into its various network products to ensure that the entire network is fully integrated and three-dimensional.Guangdong development bank 300-101 dumps has implemented such a three-dimensional integrated security defense.Take the guangdong development bank’s outreach network system, for example, which USES three layers of integrated security protection, including routers, firewalls and switches.1, the first layer security protection provided by the router to achieve router in Internet/extranet wan connection of public information network, such as DNS server with guangdong development bank, the WWW server and E-mail servers located in external PIX firewall, with these servers as part of the opening to the outside world, the ministry of 300-101 dumps internal and 300-115 pdf external users to provide the corresponding services, its itself also become a part of the public information 300-101 dumps network.These servers in order to provide effective security, prevent 300-320 questions the outside of the user to the illegal operation of the server, the server, 300-320 questions delete, modify, or the content, should be carried out to external access 300-115 pdf 300-115 pdf can strictly control.With the firewall function of Cisco router, the operation of external users on the servers can be restricted to prevent the servers from being damaged from the outside.2. The second layer of security protection is 300-101 dumps protected by PIX firewall, 300-320 questions which completely separates the internal network of enterprises from the external network. PIX is the only outlet for the internal network subsystems.By using PIX firewall 300-115 pdf to isolate the 300-101 dumps internal and external network, the security of the 300-115 pdf internal network is further guaranteed.PIX provides a complete record of all access, including illegal intrusion attempts.PIX realized from the network layer to application 300-320 questions layer security protection, can be based 300-115 pdf on packet source address, destination address, TCP port Numbers and packet length on the communication control, as a move method to access is prohibited.3, the third layer security protection provided by the LAN switches Catalyst 6500 300-320 questions core switches deployed IDS and firewall module, monitoring the safety of the complex intranets effectively, is the third barrier against external attacks to prevent, is a good method to prevent internal attacks.Another Catalyst series switches have MAC address filtering function, therefore 300-101 dumps can be defined according to the need to switch each port, only allow specific MAC address of 300-115 pdf the workstation through the specific port access, port to communicate 300-320 questions with the connection PIX.Due to the uniqueness of the MAC address 300-320 questions and not configured, this kind of control, in fact, from hardware to control a specific machine, 300-115 pdf compared with the IP address filtering, this protection has higher 300-101 dumps security.Through the above three layers of security protection, 300-101 dumps guangdong development bank network system to 300-115 pdf 300-320 questions realize the 300-115 pdf reliable from link layer to application layer security control, have the effect to prevent illegal access external, has the very high security.Reading this wasn’t the first time I’ve paused to consider whether my heart’s and my people’s infatuation with autumn is 300-101 dumps not a worldly indulgence. The promise of the Kingdom is fullness of life, not pretty death. 300-320 questions Halloween just means “the night before the Saints” and all the gruesomeness on display represents the demons 300-115 pdf coming out one last night before the Saints arrive and drive them all away. A Christian may secretly treasure the festival for that reason, but how can she join in when her 300-320 questions place is not with the demons and decay, but 300-101 dumps with the Saints and salvation? Whence this covert delight 300-101 dumps in the season’s celebration of fear and death?

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